Students from Abroad Application


Admission of students from abroad to Undergraduate Programs is conducted in accordance with the provisions of “Rules Governing Admission of Students from Abroad” issued by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) and Boğaziçi University’s “Directives Governing Application, Admission, and Registration of Students from Abroad to Undergraduate Programs of Boğaziçi University

Application Period for 2020/2021: 5 - 29 July 2021

Electronic Application System Opens: 5 July 2021 10.00 (Local Time)

Electronic Application System Closes: 9 July 2021 17.00 (Local Time)

English Proficiency Test (BUEPT):  23 September 2021 

Follow for changes.


The application terms, the required documents and the quotas for the 2021/2022 Academic Year will be announced on this website. Click here to reach the information regarding 2020-2021 Fall application period. Some programs may decide not to accept any application, and the application requirements may differ from one term to another.