Graduate Programs Application

Application Period for 2023/2024 Spring Term:  2 - 9 January 2024

Online Application System Opens:  2 January 2024 10.00 (Local Time)

Online Application System Closes: 9 January 2024 17.00 (Local Time)

Departmental Exams: 19 - 23 January 2024

English Proficiency Test (BUEPT) (Please click):  16 January 2024

DBS (English Language Placement Exam) (Candidates applying for the graduate preparatory class (Please click): 11 January 2024

Registration of Newly Admitted Graduate Students on Primary List: 1 February 2024

You may apply without the ALES / GRE / GMAT and English proficiency score report required by the program. Upon acceptance, you will need to provide the required scores of ALES/GRE/GMAT and the English proficiency before the date of pre-registration.
The documents submitted by candidates to graduate programs will be examined by the program committee.
Candidates who have accepted to the program must meet all requirements as stated in the application in order to register in the program.

Graduate Programs Application Terms, Documents, and Quotas